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You’ll learn all the skills needed to ace coding interviews - technical and non-technical:



setting the foundation for optimized code


deep dive into their implementation and use


identify common patterns and easily solve problems using tailored approaches


methodical approach to solving problems


how to present your thoughts to the interviewer


how to solve problems in a whiteboard interview



We don’t just teach you the theory. We will show you real interview scenarios where we demonstrate all of the above points. You will learn by seeing us do all of the above. Not just once, but over and over again throughout the program. By the end of it, it will be engrained in you so well that you will be able to tackle any coding interview easily.

Course Curriculum

  • 01

    Welcome to Interview Accelerator

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    • How to approach this course
  • 02

    Time and Space Complexity

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    • Understanding Time & Space Complexity
    • Practice Evaluating Algorithm Efficiency
  • 03

    Problem Solving

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    • Developing the Correct Problem Solving Approach
  • 04


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    • Introduction to Arrays
    • Interview Question #1 - Cyclic Arrays
    • Cyclic Arrays - Whiteboard Interview Solution
    • Cyclic Arrays - Code Solution
    • Interview Question #2 - Sentence Manipulation
    • Sentence Manipulation - Whiteboard Interview Solution
    • Sentence Manipulation - Code Solution
  • 05

    Hash Maps

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  • 06

    Important Array and Hash Map Concepts

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    • Converting Nested Loops To Linear Time Complexity
    • Working with Multiple Arrays
    • Interview Question #5 - Multi-Array Intersection
    • Multi-Array Intersection - Whiteboard Interview Solution
    • Multi-Array Intersection - Code Solution
    • Infinitely Nested Arrays FREE PREVIEW
    • Mutating Arrays w/ Swaps
    • Interview Question #6 - Array Swapping
    • Array Swapping - Whiteboard Interview Solution
    • Array Swapping - Code Solution
  • 07

    Combinations and Subsets

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    • Combinations And Subsets
    • Interview Question #7 - Perfect Sum
    • Perfect Sum - Whiteboard Interview Solution
    • Perfect Sum - Code Solution
    • Interview Question #8 - N-Sum
    • N-Sum - Whiteboard Interview Solution
    • N-Sum - Code Solution
  • 08

    Sorting and Searching Arrays

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  • 09

    Linked Lists

    Show Content
    • Introduction to Linked Lists
    • Implementing Linked Lists
    • Interview Question #9 - Linked List Manipulation
    • Linked List Manipulation - Whiteboard Interview Solution
    • Linked List Manipulation - Code Solution
    • Interview Question #10 - Advanced LL Manipulation
    • Advanced LL Manipulation - Whiteboard Interview Solution
    • Advanced LL Manipulation - Code Solution
  • 10


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  • 11


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    • Queues Introduction & Implementation
    • Interview Question #13 - Stack with Queue
    • Stack with Queue - Whiteboard Interview Solution
    • Stack with Queue - Code Solution
    • Interview Question #14 - Queue with Stacks
    • Queue with Stacks - Whiteboard Interview Solution
    • Queue with Stacks - Code Solution
  • 12

    Binary Search Trees

    Show Content
    • Introduction to Trees FREE PREVIEW
    • Introduction to Binary Search Trees
    • Insert and Search in Binary Search Trees
    • Delete Algorithm on Binary Search Trees
    • Text Solution to BST Implementation
    • Traversals on Binary Search Trees
    • Interview Question #15 - Kth Smallest
    • Kth Smallest - Whiteboard Interview Solution
    • Kth Smallest - Code Solution
    • Interview Question #16 - Validating Trees
    • Validating Trees - Whiteboard Interview Solution
    • Validating Trees - Code Solution
  • 13


    Show Content
    • Introduction to Graphs
    • Graphs Implementation
    • Text Solution to Graphs Implementation
    • Adjacency Matrix with Graphs
    • Breadth First Search (BFS) on Graphs - Deep Dive
    • BFS on Graphs - Implementation
    • Depth First Search (DFS) on Graphs - Deep Dive
    • DFS on Graphs - Implementation
    • Interview Question #17 - Cycles in Graphs
    • Cycles in Graphs - Whiteboard Interview Solution
  • 14

    Dynamic Programming

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    • Introduction to Dynamic Programming
    • Fundamental Concept of Dynamic Programming
    • Interview Question #18 - Largest Square
    • Largest Square - Whiteboard Interview Solution FREE PREVIEW
    • Largest Square - Code Solution
    • Interview Question #19 - Fibonacci Series
    • Fibonacci Series - Whiteboard Interview Solution
    • Fibonacci Series - Code Solution
  • 15

    Object Oriented Programming and Design

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  • 16

    Designing Complex Algorithms

    Show Content
    • Step-by-step Algorithm Design -- Interview Question #20
    • Step-by-step Algorithm Design -- Whiteboard Interview Example
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Welcome to Interview Accelerator!

I started this course in 2017 out of my passion to help other software engineers succeed. Since then, I've helped hundreds land offers from the Googles and Apples of the Valley.

For over 2 years, Interview Accelerator was an in-person interview boot-camp where we helped engineers at all stages get into their dream companies -- from new grads and self-taught engineers to architects with 20+ years of experience.

Throughout that time, I was getting numerous requests for an online version of the course. So I opened up the boot-camp for anybody to take at their own pace. That's how this course was born.

What results can I expect from this program?

Our students have got offers from high-growth startups as well as big giants like Microsoft, Apple, Google, Twitter, and Linkedin.

Whether you’re preparing for interviews or just want to become a better software engineer, I guarantee that you will find this course helpful. If you’re not satisfied for any reason, just let me know and I will give you your money back.

I can’t wait to take you through this journey. Because nothing gives me more joy than helping fellow engineers succeed.

- Irfan Baqui
Founder of Interview Accelerator, Enterprise Architect at Google